Strength: Medium

ACID Kuba Kuba

10 CIGARS (55% savings!)

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Joe would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. To celebrate, a juicy gotta-have-it offer on ACID has been laid on the table. Put a move on it, because this is even more epic than Joe's usual discounting frenzy. Just don't get used to it, this is a one and done type of deal.

Mild, aged tobaccos grown in the black, fertile soils of Nicaragua are expertly infused with select herbs, oils, and botanicals, then hugged by a genuine Cameroon leaf. That's the formula for Kuba Kuba, a medium-bodied treat for the senses loaded with rich, captivating flavors, sweet undertones, and savory aromas. If you haven't tried ACID by Drew Estate, consider this Kuba Kuba deal your one-way ticket to one of the most unique handmade cigar experiences on the market today.

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